"Changing Lives with Every Touch"

Your donations help with:
  • Food
  • Safe drinking water to eliminate or reduce water-borne diseases
  • Schools and other learning activities
  • A Teacher's Salary
Become a Fundraiser:   People committed to making a difference are the catalyst for all we do and supporters are critical in our efforts to make a difference.   As part of our efforts to create lasting change we asks students, communities and organizations to become involved with issues that affect children in need around the world.
Become a Fundraiser Now:
Host Events:
  • Do your own outreach to any company in whcih we belong.
  • Help your child organize an event for his or her school.
  • Put on a fundraiser for your college.
Ensure the Event is a Success:
  • Register your event by filling out and submitting our form.
  • Publicize your event and promote it.