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Current  Project: 

Building a Clinic

Building a clinic in post war Liberia, Lofa County, is our current project.The cost to finish the project is $115,803.50

COMMUNITY NEEDS: Yassah’s Sisters:  Yassah’s Sisters was formed by a group of Lafayette women to support the numerous single mothers in Liberia who have difficulty feeding their children. In this pay-it-forward program, a woman receives a machete, hoe and ax, and bags of peanuts, rice, beans, corn and okra seeds for planting. After harvest they pay forward a bag and a half of seeds to the next woman.

CLEAN WATER PROJECT:  Diarrhea kills more children than HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined – and its main cause is food and water contaminated with human waste.

TRAVEL WITH A PURPOSE: If you are interested in traveling with a purpose to make a difference in the lives of other less fortunate individuals of our world and fulfilling God’s plan for your life by being part of a bigger story, please visit our "Contact Us" page.


Real Roofs Housing is our free housing program for struggling families living in under resourced communities in post war Liberia, where we are catering to the total needs of less fortunate children who are the future leaders of their country.  For the majority of people living in Liberia, shelter consists of nothing more than a few woven grass mats tied to poles that are planted in the dirt that doubles as the floor. Very few have real roofs. Instead, they gather what tin sheets they can find but most use plastic tarps for cover. Liberia is a beautiful, lush country whose rainy season unleashes four solid months of rain. These basic structures are outmatched by the elements resulting in rivers of wet mud rolling through the house day and night. Since furniture is too expensive for the masses, the wet mud is where the population must lay their heads to sleep.