"Changing Lives with Every Touch"

Our Purpose

Mission:  Our mission is to serve as a trusted bridge between the privileged and the needy, across which vital resources effectively flow. To develop and implement diverse initiatives to contribute towards the ethical and peaceful progress of education, spiritual and mental development for Africa and globally.

Vision:  Our vision is to develop and nourish a global network of like-minded individuals committed to facilitating positive change in our world!


Principles and Strategies: We will accomplish our mission and vision by applying the following principles and strategies:


  • Affirming the reality of a God-given destiny as a solution to hopelessness and despair
  • Leading by example rather than by instructions
  • Diligently serving above self-interest and ambition
  • Fostering by example of a spirit of self-sufficiency amongst the                  economically dependent
  • Promoting the principles of integrity, industry, and creativity as the sure foundation of sustainable progress
  • Building a relational organization